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Super Ceiling Panners

Our Super Ceiling Panner feature amazing characters in the perfect overhead position to terrify your guests. Characters take up no floor space as they fit perfectly in corners of rooms and hallways are designed to fit on top of standard 8’ tall wall sections. Total character height needed is 12’. We especially like to use these in completely dark hallways and then when activated have them come to life overhead with a triggered strobe light. Standard panner character features head and optional jaw movements, as he flexes his arms as his entire torso pans left and right trying to get your patrons below. Unit features upright stand that mounts to the floor behind the wall and completely supports character as only hands are attached to top of walls. Character is sculpted front and back and is a true three dimensional character. Characters come apart at the waist for transport and storage. 100% completely outdoor rated. Choose your character type below or call for complete customization.