13’ Tall Super Resurrector

13’ Tall Super Resurrector


13’ Tall character is folded down hidden in (optional) large Cofn/Crate/Tomb, when activated character stands straight up out of box to its full 13’ height.

13′ Tall Super Resurrector- Skeleton (Shown)

Options include adding  Jaw movement for speech, head pan, torso turn and independent arm movements.


Zombie, GhoulGhost, SkeleDemon, Reaper, Clown, Scarecrow, Skeleton, Trolloc

Available Optional upgrades to character
Add Jaw Function, Had Pan or Head tilt – $350.00
Add Arm extend @ shoulder with drag link at elbow – $350.00
Add full torso rotation, by adding (2) back to back cylinders so that character will center when home- $500.00
Giant Crypt optional mechanical Doors for Character- $995.00
Add pneumatic double door opening/closing System – $350.00