Burial Crypt Ring Toss – (3-Player)

Burial Crypt Ring Toss – (3-Player)


Pricing as Pictured: $12,142.00

Designed as a Multi Player Game- Burial Crypt Ring Toss is a game in which Multiple Players compete against each other as each Player is provided with color coded rings and attempts to land his/her rings on creepily reaching hands of rotting corpses that are climbing out of tombs and burial chambers within the walled-up crypt set. Characters as well as Hands/Arms are motorized, and Game includes soundtrack, fog machine, candle flickering lanterns and theatrical lighting. Player that lands the most of his/her colored rings wins the game.

Motorized Crypt Skeletal Characters torso up

Motorized Crypt Skeleton free standing –

Static Skeletal Hand/Arm

Themed Crypt Walls with broken away openings fro characters

Crypt Coffins with broken away openings for characters 

Crypt Game Counter

4″ Plastic Toss Rings in (5) colors

Optional LED eye package for moving characters

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