Zombie Brain Smash Carnival Game

Zombie Brain Smash Carnival Game


Based on the popular “Frog Launcher” carnival game, in our version players reach into a bucket of gooey brains and place them on the launcher. Players then use the mallet to attempt to launch the brain back into the skull cavity of the articulating Zombie chained in front of them. In multi-player mode, first player to land a brain in the Zombie Skull wins the game!

All electric Zombies feature two separate motorized movement systems allowing the entire character’s lower torso to sway/circle as the upper torso undulates in the opposite direction. Creepy and convincing Zombie movements make the characters a spectacle as it also poses a greater challenge to land the brains back into the moving character’s open skull cavity.

Priced individually, you can purchase 1,2,3 or more characters and build your own set, or you can have us design/build the entire turn-key game for you!

$3,295.00 – ZBS1 Multi-motion Electrical Zombie Chained to wall with open Cranium Cavity
$1,195- ZBS2 Static Version of Character Above
$150.00 – ZBS3- “Frog Launcher” type catapult Mechanism
$295.00 – ZBS4- Bio Hazard Pale with (5) silicone brains
$400.00- ZBS5 10′ Game Counter
$600.00- ZBS6 10′ Decorative Back Wall


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