GD80- The Angel of Death


Another incredible example of our modular character/facade combination in which we let you decide the ultimate size and complexity of your character. You can purchase just the character for an imposing ground based effect, add wings and take the character up and you have a larger than life spectacle, add the propulsion rig to make the character fly and pan to fly right over your patrons heads and then finally add facade components to give your new creature the home that he deserves, while at the same time allowing you to customize the size, function and ultimately… the impact The Angel of Death will have on your audience.


Put this incredible moving piece of art out front to advertise your attraction and reap the enormous media attention that this character generates. Head height is 9’ from base, movements include head pan/tilt, jaw and 6 isolated arm movements. Character can be programmed to say and do whatever you want to attract and entertain patrons and to promote.

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