HOD100D- Corridor of Corpses- Deluxe Pneumatic Package


An unbelievable combination of scenic detail, animated and motorized characters in one Corpse themed walk through attraction. Every inch of every wall panel is detailed with 3-dimensional skeletal polyfoam characters and stone work. Everywhere you look motorized Zombiette characters have come alive and are embedded into the very walls. As you walk through pneumatic scares attack you from every angle. The pkg includes (19) wall panels- (12) HOD101, (4) HOD102, (3) HOD103 plus (14) motorized effects, (3)ZMB706, (2)ZMB707, (4)ZMB708, (4)ZMB709, (1) ZMB710, plus (7)pneumatic scares- (1) HOD104, (2)CHR233, (2)CHR234, (1)CHR235, (2) Static Poseable Skeletal gate Characters and CD ROM SOUNDTRACK. Everything is modular, so let The Scarefactory design a Corridor of Corpses specifically for your attraction floor plan and budget. Or you may wish to order Individual/ala carte components from The Corridor of Corpses to integrate into your attraction.

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