HOD700- Hallway 2 Hell


Moving wall system can be independently programmed to pitch left, yaw right, bounce, shutter, wave back and forth and collapse at will. Individual units are 10’ long, with a dedicated walkway width of 5’, when in its tallest position unit stands 9’. By putting two of these units together and programming theme differently, you create an incredibly dramatic 20’ Hallway that nicely replaces in both size and function the industries spinning tunnel effects, without the need for steps, ramps or handrails. Unlike spinning tunnels, this effect can be easily integrated within a variety of themes and it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your attraction. The unit sets up in minutes not hours. Modular panel design allows the unit to be quickly and easily setup and the pieces are small enough and light weight to allow them to go anywhere in your attraction without the need to de-construct your maze. Base units come unthemed so that you can decorate it yourself and save” or you can buy our other optional themed packages , allowing the unit to arrive completely ready to just plug in and go.

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