HOD701- Haunted Mansion Themed Package for Hallway 2 Hell


Essentially everything you need to complete and theme your Hallway 2 Hell System into a creepy Hallway in a Haunted Victorian Mansion. Everything comes pre-installed, completely themed and ready to go. Package includes: all of the waynes coating, chair rail decorative safety flaps, floorboard decorative safety flaps, 3/4’ decking for floor, “broken away” plywood walls and ceiling with extensive exposed latticework, wall paper, curtains, 1- window, 1 painting, 9- assorted zombie upper torsos & 3- pairs of zombie hands reaching through the latticework.

Other Themes available include:
HOD702Corridor of Corpses Themed package for H2H
HOD703Underground Cave/Mine with timbers
HOD704Underground Sewer with electrical lines and water
HOD705Pirate Ship with Skeletal Pirates
HOD706Medieval Castle Crypt with Knights
HOD707Egyptian Tomb with Mummies
HOD708Giant Spiders Nest with victims

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