Servo Zombies- For years we have created high-end servo driven Zombie characters for film and television. We are now making an inexpensive version of these metal geared servo driven characters to the themed entertainment industry. These characters all feature compelling x and y axis proportional eye, jaw, head and articulating movements. Because they are electricalstandard characters are portable, plug & play and require no air hookups.

We tried to give Mr. Ghouly a purpose, as he is designed to hold a sign/plaquard or a framed LED TV to display signage or advertisement for your attraction/coming event or display instructions or rules of the “House”. Character features compelling x and y axis proportional eye, jaw open/close, jaw side/side, head pan/tilt/turn. Separate electric motor makes him sway side to side, so he is all electrical…so simply place him where you want him and plug him into a wall outlet for full function.


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