SHT11- Craven’s Crypt- A Haunted Shooting Gallery

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You and your party have stumbled into Craven's Family Crypt awakening Lord Craven, who does not tolerate unauthorized visitors to his final resting place.  He commands you to leave and when you don't he summons his dead descendants to drive you from his crypt.  28 different Zombies reanimate before your very eyes, blasting out of their crypts, the walls, and even the floors, as their patriarch the Lord Craven commands them over and over to keep attacking you as you try and defend yourself against the coming horde.  Each time you shoot, the zombies react and retreat only to regenerate and just keep coming until finally, the Lord Craven is ultimately defeated and he and his children must return to their final resting places until they can summon the strength to return.

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36 Month Financing Available

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