SkeleBall is our Hot New Haunted Carnival Game. Our 13’ Tall Animated Skeleton heckles and counts down 30 seconds taunting players to sink skulls in the medieval chained baskets hanging from his undulating hands. Basically its basketball at a moving target with a countdown clock. Its fun, its easy, its gruesome, fast paced and everybody knows exactly what to do the minute they walk-up without any explanation. $5 for 5- Skulls… you get one in each basket and you win a prize… and its all over in 30 seconds. The Game itself is incredibly economical and most operators will want multiples in a row to maximize revenue. To get here, we modified one of our double actuated 13’ tall Super Skeletons, added electrical jaw movements to allow the character to talk, harass and become a built in barker for the game, as well providing head panning left/right and creepy reaching arm movements as well as a whole lower body shift left/right that pivots the entire upper torso to make things look cooler and to make hitting the target a whole lot harder. Movements are programmable and are provided by a two hi-powered electric linear actuator. Character is all electrical and does not require air. Character is sculpted front and back and is a true three dimensional character.

13′ Tall Animated Talking Character with hanging baskets

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