Super Flyer – Wicked Witch of the West

Super Flyer – Wicked Witch of the West


Talk about Iconic Halloween Characters, it simply do not get any better than an actual Wicked Witch of the West flying around to harass your patrons. We have aged the character to be face much older, wrinkled and nastier, but the effect is the same. A special character was adapted to our existing SPRFLY200 Super Flyer Series. This dramatic flying rig allows the character to soar to a height of 17’, pan left and right 16’ and then dive-bomb and harass your patrons as they duck for cover below, while the Witch is cackling, screaming and taunting you and your little dog too deary. Character is enhanced with compelling multi-movements, jaw for speech, broom/torso movements, as well as other crazy realistic kinetic movements. Designed specically for Hayrides & Drive-thrus this is an absolute must have for any outdoor event.

Skeleton Arm Size

Large, X-Large

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