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Shooting Gallery: Wizard’s Gallery

The Wizard’s Gallery

Welcome to the Wizard’s Gallery. Patrons are prompted to insert money and press the start button. The Wizard’s Gallery allows players to cast spells utilizing our custom Magic Wands at targets to score points and make magic happen within the gallery. Each target triggers an animated character/effect that activates the character with accompanying audio and lighting effects. In this gallery, brooms fly, dragons roar, and inanimate objects of all sorts and sizes come to life at the flick of your wand. The game is lighthearted and a truly magical experience for guests of all ages. This gallery employs simple movements that are built to last and will provide years of trouble free game play. Visit the Wizard’s Duel page for another magical and unique interactive game!

Gallery includes 3 wands, 24 targets with animated characters/effects, scenic elements, theatrical lighting, effects, duvetyne top, and more. Our gallery employs a state of the art shooting gallery system powered by a central computer that plays and mixes 5.1 surround sound in real time, tracks revenue with parameters for pricing, attract mode, and more! The game system can be configured with bill/coin acceptors, swipe cards, and also dispense redemption tickets.  Add more wands to generate more revenue!

To have your questions answered, or to place an order for the Wizard’s Gallery or a custom shooting gallery, feel free to send us an email!

Wizard's Gallery